Optimal game utilisation with Last Minute Escape Rooms

Last Minute Escape Rooms, or LM Escape for short, is a joint project of Escape Room providers with the aim of smoothly handling spontaneous bookings. If you also want to improve your last minute booking process, then create a free LM Escape account to optimally utilise your games.

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1) Better room allocation!

Game masters can activate time slots that have spontaneously become available for online booking with just a few clicks. A long email or SMS exchange is no longer necessary and thus also the hesitation of the players to book at short notice.
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2) Increase attention

The LM Escape platform is actively promoted and linked on our partner sites. As a provider on LM Escape you automatically benefit from our marketing actions.
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3) No fixed costs

The provider account and the publication of available games are free of charge. Only when a booking is made, you will be charged a fee. Through our affiliate program, you can even earn something extra in case of a successful mediation of a game.
You can find out more about the costs and our affiliate program here.